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Apply the Qur’an to your life everyday…

With daily podcasts, covering different topics, QBytes allows us to comfortably navigate the Qur’an and shows you how to apply its teachings to your life.

With the proud support of QFatima

Daily Podcasts

The QBytes podcasts enable you to touch base with your faith everyday, giving you a focus for your daily prayers as well as an opportunity to incorporate that focus into your life.

Making it Accessible

The challenge was to make this wisdom accessible to all by translating it into the language we use everyday and delivering it in a way to suit our busy lifestyle.

Suitable for All

Seen in both children and adults alike, this is a proven method of learning the divine text, enabling you to connect to the Qur’an in a remarkable new way.

How it works

Listen to an ever expanding library of daily podcasts, coming from the leading scholar, Ummulbanin Merali, that will break down different topics and chapters of the Qur’an in a clear and accessible way...

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A deeper understanding

We’ve mapped the Qur’an as a city to guide you through with each podcast, enabling QBytes to give you a deeper understanding the chapters and verses, their context to each other and the threads that hold them together.

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About Us

QFatima is a resource function developing innovative, educational material to ensure that a simple, relevant and interactive platform is established for the teaching of Islam.

In essence, it is a tool to enable us to understand our faith and be understood.

Starting out in 1991, with a simple Saturday school with 4 teachers and 40 students at the Husaini Islamic Centre, QFatima has evolved to enable a much wider audience to gain benefit from a tried and tested formula to enable people to connect with their faith.